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 Post subject: A present from Daib0 1 Chelsea
PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:56 pm 

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Daib0 has been to zll the forums featuring our Premier League Predictions game and has interviewed some of the people taking part. These are primarily for his Royal Rendezvous forum of course, but he has kindly allowed us to post them here as well. So for your delectation:-

First off we have chelseafc9010 of the Chelsea FC Forums. He was within the top ten nationally out of nearly 700 entries in the competition last year. Here is his interview:

* First off, please tell us something about yourself! Anything! Like … what were your favourite subjects at school? Did you do further studies? Describe your working environment and a typical (working) day! What do you now do for a living/study/in retirement etc.? Town or country – what’s best? Family? Pets?

Hey people well I'm from the Chelsea Fc Forums, which you can find here If you are interested in joining as we always like to have new members joining the forum -

On the first question, well at school my favourite subjects had to be physical education as I'm sure a lot of boys loved that as well because it is fun to play sports like basketball, football and others. Another subject I enjoyed at school was English Language as I enjoy being creative and creating things in my own way such as stories and reviews. I did do further studies in my final years such as physical education and art. At the moment though I am In college studying sports coaching. A typical day is coming into college at 9am, and having a lesson or two until dinner which is around half 11. We normally get an hour break or more, then we return to more classes, and then normally we finish college at 4pm, but sometimes earlier depending on the work we do. And lastly, I'm from England, living in a small town north of Manchester.

* Why Chelsea and not any other team? Why do you specially identify with the team?

I've always loved Chelsea, from around as young as 4 or 5 years old. I remember going into sports shops and asking my parents every time for a Chelsea shirt because it was blue and blue is my favourite colour, I didn't even see them play I just loved the kit. Maybe a few years later, when I watched football,, I always watched Chelsea because of the colour blue and because my dad is a Manchester fan, so he hated Chelsea, but I always seem to pick the opposite from my family, and I would always cheer against United and for Chelsea. I remember after the Arsenal-Chelsea FA Cup final game when Drogba scored that header to win the game, by that point I started to know all the players and I watched every game I could, so yeah I guess since then I have been a Chelsea fan, it just happened and I'm glad it did.

* Possibly the best and worst memories during your time in supporting your team?

I'm going to have to go with the two most popular answers like a lot of other fans will, losing in the UCL final in 2008 to United, and winning it in Munich in 2012.

* Which are the best and worst away grounds you've visited? And why? And how do you rate your own ground?

I would say Wigan are the worst, quite a small stadium with not much height, meaning most of the game you are watching the back of someone else’s head instead of the actual match. A better away ground would be Bolton, which I have been to many times, It is a more united stadium and it has more depth and some awesome lighting at the top, although the food is expensive. Stamford Bridge is a good place, It's clean and modern, but at the same time I wish we could increase the size of the pitch and the stadium, as It lacks that 'wow' factor that stadiums like the San Siro and Camp Nou possess.

* Which other team or teams have you a soft spot for?

I have a soft spot for Bolton as they are local to me and I used to watch them a lot while Danny was on loan to them.

* When it comes to your team - are you an optimist or a pessimistic? So, where do you think the team will be in 10 years time?

I'm actually surprisingly pessimistic at most times, I don't know why I'm just well aware that this is football and what is on paper at times is never the final print. In 10 years I see Chelsea being a more football based team with a better youth system, like an Arsenal, but obviously more successful.

* Favourite footballer/s and/or sportsmen-sportswomen of all-time?

I'll give you three, my current favourite player, past favourite player and another person I admire. Well first of all It has to be my man Eden, the people at the Chelsea Forums will know this already but he is no doubt my favourite Chelsea player at the moment. I love that he combines that technique and precision that players like Silva possess with pace and directness like players such as Ronaldo and Messi possess, he is like a new breed in my opinion, he is very complete, also a seems like a great guy and very funny. For the favourite past player, I would have to say Drogba. I love Lampard and Terry, the other two big notable club legends in the past decade, but Drogba is different, he has more of a attitude, he is more confrontational and I love that in a player as it shows that maybe sometimes he is stupid, but also shows he cares and is smart, for example his play acting has gotten him hate in the past, but to be honest it's smart, it works and that's what matters. Finally for another person I admire it has to be Jose Mouriniho, he is like my idol at the moment, the fact that he is also confrontational but at the same time a world class manager is amazing, and the most amazing thing is that he did not have a huge hit as a football player, he has shown that it is possible to be a top manager without playing football at the top level, which inspires me to keep following my dream I gotta say.

* If there is one thing above all you could change in football, what would it be? Write more than one change if you wish! Your convictions are welcome to be shared with us!

Not many, because there’s a bad and good thing to everything in football. But If I had to say I'd probably say about how soft football can be these days. 10-20 years ago football used to be like war, especially in the BPL, these days you can get a yellow card for a simple foul which is kind of sad in my eyes.

* A big general question here - what are your most memorable moments in your entire life not following your team? If there is one thing you could change in your personal life, what might it be? Where would you like to be in 10 years time, or just any hopes and ambitions that you might have? Anything you are very afraid of?

The most memorable moment I can think of Is probably moving from high school to college and doing it successfully, because there was so many doubts and worries but in the end everything has turned out good. I would change my attitude as it is bad at the moment, and there are problems in the family I would love to change. In 10 years time I will be 27, so I hope to be working at a decent club in the management section or at a coaching area where I can learn, anything to do with football coaching would be great because I want to be the next big thing in coaching.

* A few words to describe the “Chelsea FC Forums” ? Things like when or why it was set up, how many members are there currently (we all know there are many inactive posters on every site in the land) ? Even more interesting for us - how did you personally get involved with the forum? Do you have any responsibilities are on your forum?; if not, do you simply enjoy your fellow posters on there?

About my forum 'Chelsea FC Forums', I think it was created in around 2007-2008. It was set up to create a friendly area for fans around the world to come and discuss Chelsea or even make friends. I would say there are around 50 active members at the moment, which is not a lot, but we have had a lot more in the past and hope to have more in the future, right now we are like a small family and every knows each other, it's great and easy to fit into it. I got involved in the forum in the summer of 2009, I was bored and I guess I just wanted to see what people thought about certain players or things with Chelsea, and I found this forum and have loved it ever since. I don't really have responsibilities on the forum as I'm not a Mod at the moment, maybe in the future I will be, but I'm fine just being a forumer, if you are a newcomer you really don't have responsibilities either.

* Do you also enjoy reading other football forums, sports webs in general, or blog sites? (By all means name them if you wish, the members would be interested!) Would you recommend your own forum as a good place for the Sunderland fans on ‘Black Cat Chat’ to look in?

Yeah I like to read other forums at times, most notably 'Arsenal Mania' which is fun to read when we play them just to get their opinions. I don't really read blogs or sport webs, because most of the time the posts are about transfer rumours, and trust me ignoring rumours is better than believing them, because A LOT of them lead to nothing. I would recommend our forum to you Reading fans if you are interested in Chelsea or just talking to people about football in general. We have a good chat system at the bottom of the page where you can talk about literally anything. Here are some links for our forum: The home page # # and the new signings area where you can introduce yourself! # #

* A few words to sum up – are you a born lucky person or was that fantastic place achievement last season's Premier Positions game just a fluke?!

I don't think I'm a lucky person, a lot of things I want other people get handed to them, but that's life, and I think that's the same with the predictions game last season, I just gave a go and gave a list of what I thought would happen, and yeah I guess I did get a little lucky and it turned out to be a good list

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