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 Post subject: Special Fan Interview - August 2016
PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:21 pm 
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I'm very happy to share and resume our Special Fan Interviews, and it's a nice moment beginning of season as we invite "tonyp" from the Peterborough Posh Forum - because he was the overall individual winner from the Inter-Forum Euros Scores Prediction Game - and winner by a whopping nine point margin (see here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7385&start=30 )

I already know him reasonably well from the Posh Forum, so I feel totally confident that you will enjoy this read. Please show your appreciation, lads and lasses!

OK here we go then.

1 * First off, please tell us something about yourself! Anything that you don’t mind sharing! Like … what were your favourite subjects at school? Did you do further studies? Your working environment and a typical (working) day! What do you now - for a living/study/in retirement etc.? Town or country – what’s best? Family? Pets?

I was born in Whittlesey (Peterborough) in 1940.
I went to Whittlesey Primary School and passed the Eleven Plus exam. I went to Deacons School which was a Boys Grammar school at the time.
My favourite subjects at school were Maths and English.
I left school after ‘O’ level. My parents weren’t interested in me getting further education. But I studied at home for my accountancy exams.
After I had passed the Intermediate exams I moved from Peterborough to the Isle of Wight much to the dismay of my parents.
After I qualified I moved back to Peterborough with my original employers.
I decided there was more money in commerce so I took a job as a company accountant at Hunstanton.
In 1966 I saw adverts looking for accountants in Brisbane and Melbourne so I applied. I was offered a job with two firms. One in Melbourne and the other in Brisbane.
I took the Brisbane one (with Price Waterhouse) and have never regretted it.
But I always believed that my place was in commerce and not in the profession. After a couple of years I took a job as a Financial Director with a company involved in the motor industry and real estate.
Eventually I concentrated on Real Estate Development.
I retired in 1995. My wife retired from teaching at the same time and we have spent a lot of time travelling.

2 * Why Peterborough United and not any other team? Why do you specially identify with the team?

I have been a Posh fan since about 1951 although I can’t remember exactly when. Prior to that I was a Whittlesey fan!
Until I moved to the Isle of Wight I used to attend every Posh home game and nearly every home reserve game unless I was able to scrape up the pennies to go to an away first team game. Not often unfortunately.

3 * Possibly the best and worst memories during your time in supporting your team?

Best memory is when Posh were finally admitted to the Football League.
Worst memory is when Posh were demoted for financial irregularities.

4 * Any specially memorable - for the best and the worst - away grounds you've visited? And how do you rate your own ground?

I really haven’t been to many away grounds. My favourite is probably Grantham (Midland League days) where we used to stand on the sideline.
Chelsea was quite good even though we lost.

5 * Which other team or teams have you a soft spot for? I must ask, how do you see Reading?!

Port Vale since their FA Cup run in 1954.
Arsenal because I admired George Swindin when I played as a goalie.
I really didn’t follow Reading until daib0 came on the scene. Now, I keep up with their progress and hope they continue to do well.

6 * Favourite footballer/s and/or sportsmen-sportswomen of all-time?

Favourite footballer Stanley Matthews closely followed by Dennis Emery.
Favourite cricketer Don Bradman closely followed by Dennis Compton.
Favourite sportswoman Evonne Goolagong closely followed by my daughter Jackie who is good at all sports.

7 * When it comes to your team - are you an optimist or a pessimistic? So, where do you think the team might be in 10 years time?

I’m an optimist. In ten years time we’ll be in the Premier League.

8 * If there is one thing above all you could change in football, what would it be? But do write more than one change if you wish!

I think they should try to reduce the ridiculous transfer fees and wages.
Other than that I’m quite happy with things the way they are.

9 * A big general question here - what are your most memorable moments in your entire life generally and not following your team?

My most memorable memory is coming to Australia in 1966.

Forum Focus

10 * A few words to describe the “Posh Forum” ? Any idea when and why it was set up? And how did you personally get involved with the forum? Do you have any responsibilities there? By all means give any links you like for the Reading fans on ‘Royals Rendezvous’ ...

The Posh Forum is especially good for people like me who can’t attend games.
I get involved with games (predictions etc) on the Official and Unofficial forums.
I got involved originally when Mick Bratley introduced me.

11 * Do you also enjoy reading other football forums, sports webs in general, or blog sites? (By all means name them if you wish, the members would be interested!). I just wondered if you have seen ‘Royals Rendezvous’ and if you have a favourable opinion? Not to worry if not, but then do check us out if you don’t know us first-hand!

I’ve read the Royal Rendezvous Forum several times but not many others.
I do think that the Royal Rendezvous Forum is exemplary.

12 * A few words to sum up – were you a born lucky person or was that fantastic place achievement in the “Euros Scores Prediction Game 2016” just a fluke?!

LOL. Just a fluke of course!!

Many, many thanks tonyp, and I hope you'll continue to have good fortune in the Inter-Forum games!

A friendly Reading FC fan! Job: CELLO MAN - see extensive web
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