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 Post subject: Hakuna Matata
PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:41 pm 
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I feel it my responsibility, as the 'culprit' organizing it from my side (Reading's Royals Rendezvous for those that don't know us), to offer all BCC members the chance to read about our dear Hakuna Matata- it's originally found here: (tune in if you'd like to see some comments back this fortnight) but why not re-produce it in its entirety on this forum as well?! If someone objects, drop me a line, but I think it makes for GREAT reading...


Interview of the Month – December 2012
Special fan Interview – Hakuna Matata

Firstly, let me start by re-producing some words from the previous month:

"Luckily nearly all premier forums are nice places to visit, but the Sunderland ‘Black Cat Chat’ forum is probably top of the pile. Not only do you get sensible posters, but they are a fantastic friendly bunch, and invite well-mannered away supporters to share their thoughts every bit as much as we do. If you don’t yet know them – well, you should!! Check out here: "

And that makes a nice way of introducing Hakuna Matata - one of the big posters and organizers of the Sunderland forum. Not only that, but we should take our hats off to him, because HE is the organizer of that wonderful LEAGUE POSITIONS PLACINGS competition that we share with Sunderland and Liverpool fans this season. Next season it will almost surely be even bigger in scope.

And a most interesting interview coming up, I can assure everyone - here goes:

First off, please tell us something about yourself! Like ... what were your favourite subjects at school? Did you do further studies? What do you now do for a living/study etc.?

Hi, I am a 63 year old man who lives with his wife and border collie dog. I have grandchildren and I am glad I grew up when I did and am not their contemporaries. I am retired and have been for 8 years, as I had to retire early because of ill health (bad heart). When I was gainfully employed I was an IT manager in a reasonable sized enterprise and before that I was a computer programmer, a systems analyst and sometimes a general dogsbody.

Where have you lived through your life? Do you prefer town or countryside?

I come from a mining town called Stanley in County Durham, hence my Sunderland connection, but have lived most of my life in the midlands, mostly Leicestershire. I was raised in a miners terraced house before the family moved to Leicester, but in my adult life I have always lived as much in the countryside as possible. I very much enjoy nature and the outdoors, but I hate walking, so I am very sedentary bird watcher.

Why Sunderland and not any other team? Why do you identify with the team?

I became a Sunderland supporter by accident. I was brought up watching Stanley play in the northern leagues and my Newcastle United supporting father used to take my younger brother and I to home games on a Saturday whilst my mother shopped. When I was 10 I passed the 11 plus and went to Stanley Grammar School which is near the Beamish Museum, that you may have heard of. It was a mixed school except for eating and the girls ate lunch first and the boys at second sitting. Each dining table was populated by 6th, 5th, … 2nd year boys and on the first day of the new school year, the 1st year boys had to parade around looking for a table that would take them. At that time every table was either a Sunderland or a Newcastle table, I ended up on a Sunderland table and the rest is history.

Times have changed so much. In the very early 1960s we used to go to matches as a group from school, with a few parents, 6th formers and the odd teacher, supervising. Health and Safety would have a field day nowadays.

Do you have a partner? What do they think about football?!

My long suffering wife, who is from Leicester, doesn’t follow football at all, but is a vicarious Sunderland supporter because of me and could probably tell you an enormous amount about the club and teams both past and present.

Was it always Sunderland, or as a child did you like any other ‘big’ teams of the day?

Spending many of my formative years in Leicester, naturally most of my friends supported the Tigers or the City; I have been to as many or more, Leicester City games than Sunderland games because of that. However, if Sunderland is in your heart, it doesn’t matter what your head says. LCFC v SAFC – SAFC every single time.

Do you have a favourite Sunderland match that you saw live? (If so, which was it?!)

We played Nottingham Forest at the City Ground when they were top of the Championship and we were on a bit of a run and climbing up the table. The supporters of Forest had had Cloughie for years before and had become arrogant, even though they were now a (admittedly table topping) Championship side. We sat in amongst the Forest supporters as the away tickets were all sold out and we won 1-4. The thing that gave so much pleasure was the reaction of the Forest fans who were genuinely awful that night. That game Kevin Ball, our most famous hard man, nearly broke a Forest player in half and only got booked. I knew we were going to be promoted that season as no other team would be that lucky.

How you ever been in a ‘delicate’ situation (like dangerous) with nasty opposing fans (inside or outside grounds)?

Despite having followed football for 53 years and possibly because of my cowardly tendencies, I have seen very little trouble and nothing really terrifying. It shows how hard Leics City fans are, I went to Filbert Street to see the lads play the last game of the season there and we drew with them. That meant that we had the vital point that made us safe from relegation (a recurring theme for Sunderland supporters then). At the end of the game the team went to the away fans and great celebrations took place, which I watched from my seat. I then left the stadium with my Leicester supporting mates and started walking to our car, when incited by the noise of our fans celebrating with the team, still in the stadium, about 500 Leicester yobs turned and charged back towards the stadium, straight at us (we were just in the way). A Police Inspector stepped out into the road, put his hand up like a traffic policeman and yelled at the crowd to go home. They meekly turned around and left. Real Millwall hard stuff – Not!

If there is one thing you could change in football, what would it be?

The diving, play-acting and cheating nowadays is the only downside. Football in my time was a much harder game, but generally now, it’s much better to watch. I just wish we could have the ethos of 40 years ago with the rules of today.

Which other team or teams in the Premier/Championship (or indeed elsewhere) have you a soft spot for?

Leicester City as I have already said. I can’t stand the current Stoke City team and manager, but I have always liked the club and I have been to see them more times than I care to remember. I admire Arsenal greatly and they have provided much great entertainment over the past few years, but then again so have Man U . and a few others.

Which team or teams do you least like (i.e. heartily dislike!)?

Only the obvious Sunderland ones – Coventry City and Leeds United. Despite what you expect, Newcastle don’t arouse feeling of hatred in me, it’s just that I always want us to do better than them.

Do you want your lower rivals to get promotions to renew the rivalry or do you want them to rot away? Which option and why?

I don’t wish them ill, but I always want to see them below us, perhaps in the Championship in Newcastle’s case.

When it comes to your team - Are you an optimist or a pessimistic?

Optimist? A Sunderland supporter an optimist? It’s not possible!

Favourite footballer/s of all-time?

This is an easy one for me. Bobby Charlton is the best footballer I have ever seen play. End of.

Favourite sportsmen/sports ladies (apart from football, that is) of all-time?

When Ovett and Coe were competing so brilliantly against one another and blowing the rest of the world off the track, they were wonderful and I remember them with such gratitude for what they gave us. Ayrton Senna is another master who also gave us so much pleasure.

Favourite food / favourite drinks (eating in or out)?

No competition as I live near Leicester the capital of Indian cuisine. I have a favourite restaurant, which is Bangladeshi and the food there is unbelievably good. We eat lots of Indian food at home, but my favourite home made meals are Steak and Kidney pudding and Tornedos Rossini.

At a fantasy dinner party where your desires come true, which three guests would you invite?

Brian Clough and Bill Shankley, with Raquel Welch for afterwards. (assuming we were all in our prime).

A few words to describe your relationship with “The Black Cat Chat” forum – and how did it come about?

I am “only” a poster on the site, admittedly a long time, long term poster, although I do run one of the competitions on the site. I have no idea how I found it.

What are your future hopes for your site?! What are your views (be sincere!) on Reading’s "Royals Rendezvous"?

Black Cat Chat is small and friendly and I hope it stays that way. It needs to be a bit more lively than it is now, but most of our posters are adults, both in age and outlook and that makes it (and I’m pinching this analogy from another of our posters) like the snug at the local pub. Long may it remain like that. Your site has some great features, this questionnaire for example, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, keep an eye on BCC. Your site seems to be a bigger and more vibrant version of ours. It deserves its success, long may it continue.

Good luck to Reading as well. I hope you survive in the PL and grow in stature.

Any special reason (that you can share with us) for your own user name “Hakuna Matata” !

It’s the name of my Narrowboat, which every other year travels through Reading on the Thames.

Thanks so much for such an interesting session, and for sharing your thoughts with us. In many ways, after RFC gaining promotion, your forum was one of the best, if not THE best, find for us in the football forum world. Count on us to give a hand whenever needed ...

A friendly Reading FC fan! Job: CELLO MAN - see extensive web
 Post subject: Re: Hakuna Matata
PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:49 am 

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Nice interview. :thumbup:

 Post subject: Re: Hakuna Matata
PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 10:11 pm 
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Best one so far ;)

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And that is where we are heading....
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:11 pm 
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The border collie owners club on here seems larger than the Yorkshire supporters group.!

If there is one thing you could change in football, what would it be?

The diving, play-acting and cheating nowadays is the only downside. Football in my time was a much harder game, but generally now, it’s much better to watch. I just wish we could have the ethos of 40 years ago with the rules of today.

Aah - if only!! How many stoppages for injury were there during the '73 cup final?

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 Post subject: Re: Hakuna Matata
PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:22 pm 

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If the 73 cup final was replayed today it would be 5 a side after about 15 minutes, I think.

But the ambience, the atmosphere, the fan/player interface and so much more was better then.

 Post subject: Re: Hakuna Matata
PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:16 pm 
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aye very passionate, and more articulate than mine :D

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